When you work in a 24/7 inbound call centre there are a few things you know to expect.

1. Sometimes, call volume can come out of the blue
2. 24/7 inbound call centre means 24/7. This includes holidays

This is the nature of the industry we work in. You have to be on hand for any and all emergency calls that ring in. And as we all know, emergencies tend to happen when we least expect them, and often it’s on a holiday weekend.

However, just because we have to work, doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun! There is no reason to ignore a holiday just because we have to work. Instead, at AnswerPlus we celebrate all the holidays here in the office.

At AnswerPlus Easter fun begins with a great tradition. The yearly (and ever increasingly difficult) Easter Egg Hunt!

Yup, we do that. And a month later we are still finding eggs. (No joke, I discovered one just last week hidden in a tissue box).

So, how do we organize a hunt in a 24/7 call centre environment?

It’s actually a lot easier then you would expect it to be. One of our virtual receptionists volunteers to be the bunny. (Picture of this year’s adorable bunny is at the top of the page) She or he will go around the office hiding the pre-stuffed Easter Eggs. Once she/he is done, we let the working team members go hunting in shifts. Everyone get’s 10 minutes to hunt, then they return and someone else get’s to go.

To keep it simple there are no rules to who can find an easter egg and when. If you are on lunch and decide you’d like to go hunting then team members are more then welcome to do so. We go by the honour system and it always goes off without a hitch. The first couple of hunters always make sure to leave some goodies for the next person, and most give hints about where they’ve spotted some. This is a great system which makes it easier for the last person to make sure they get some goodies.

Of course not all the eggs are easy to find. That is part of the challenge, and there are always more then enough eggs for everyone. Which means there are always extra’s kicking around the office for the next few days.   😉

Now I know what some of you may be thinking. Isn’t an Easter Egg Hunt something for kids, and not adults working in a 24/7 inbound call centre? Well, you’d be surprised at how popular little traditions like this can be.  An easter egg hunt is an excellent way to have some fun and encourage team members to talk and laugh together.

Sometimes you have to take a risk and do some of the sillier things to really bring out the smiles. : D

Trust us, it’s always worth it and everyone always has a great time.