Everything You Have Ever Wanted Is Sitting On The Other Side Of Fear

Who do you call when your ringing phone has become too much to handle?

Beautiful, warm sunny days, crisp winter mornings. The pitter-patter of raindrops on the window as you sip your morning coffee.

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Too bad you haven’t been able to enjoy it nearly as much as you’d like, because these seasonal weather changes directly affect your business and now your phone to ringing off the hook.

Coffee on the road anyone?

You know that the calls will slow down when the weather settles down, but right now, at this moment in time, you need some temporary help.

Few people know this, so I’m going to put it out into the universe. (You’re very welcome universe, I know it’s what you were waiting for.) Answering Services get calls every day from customers who are looking for some temporary assistance. Maybe it’s because their receptionist is going on vacation, or perhaps a marketing campaign went extremely well. Whatever the reason for the Answering Service, for us this is all normal, just one of the many many benefits of utilizing an inbound call center. We’re pro’s at being here when you need us, and getting up and going quickly is one of the areas that we shine in. 

Of course, getting up and going isn’t all you need. You need to look for a service that can change everything about your account with just one phone call. “Can you change the on call to Jim?” done. “I know I told you to hold all calls, but now I need you to email them to me at this address.” No problemo. “I can’t get back into my office for another 10 days, can you let my customers know what’s happened?” “We’d love to.”

So come on, throw us curve balls and watch as we hit them out of the park.