Meet Eli!  It took one man’s out of the box thinking to save this puppy’s life.  Actually its a real in the box solution.


Eli, a German Shepherd puppy was born with a medical condition that restricted his ability to eat food.  The condition causes the puppies esophigas to swell causing the puppy not to be able to keep food down.  After several failed surgery attempts to correct the problem and some creative problem solving Eli’s life was saved!  

His owner created a feeding chair for Eli, that props the puppy up so when he eats gravity pushes the food into his stomach.  In only 3 weeks Eli has gained 30lbs and is getting stronger everyday!


Sometimes the biggest problems just need a little creative problem solving.  At AnswerPlus we have a team of very creative and tallented programmers who take on every challenge that can be thrown a call centers way.  Our programmers are able to create accounts designed specifically for the needs of each of our clients unique needs, ensuring that our Customer Service Agents are equipped to seemlessly help our customers clients.

Like the effort to save Eli, sometimes meeting the specific needs of our customers is tricky, but with a little creativity and perserverience we always find a way!