Change is a constant in the world of business and nothing else can cause more excitement and worry in the workplace simultaneously.  Low profits, layoffs or something as fundamental as changing a routine process can generate anxiety and fear among team members and lead to lesser productivity and can have serious impact on a company’s bottom line.

Change isn’t going anywhere; therefore, it is important to be able to support co-workers through periods of change and to identify ways that change can be helpful and productive in the workplace.  Here are a few of the ways we face change head on at AnswerPlus and how we help our staff to stay positive during rough patches and embrace changes as they come:

  1. WE LISTEN TO OUR STAFF – At AnswerPlus we value to opinions and feedback of our staff and use that feedback to make better decisions and to remain connected to what is directly influencing the morale of our team both positively and negatively.  We invite our team to make suggestions on what they would like to see improved and we also appreciate the perspective that they are able to provide on any issues that can impact the success of our business.
  2. WE LOVE TURNING NEGATIVES INTO POSITIVES – Initial resistance to change can be expected but we remain committed to finding positive opportunities in everything we do.  A new manager coming on board from outside the company may not be as experienced with the day-to-day routine immediately, but they may be able to bring some ideas to improve the routine and establish new initiatives that can boost the morale and productivity of their new team.
  3.  WE BELIEVE IN HONESTY AND TRANSPARENCY – Things can change overnight in the world of business and we believe in keeping our staff up-to-date with everything that is happening in our offices.  By communicating early and often and by being upfront with your staff, you will not only foster a greater sense of trust among your team members, but this can also help de-escalate feelings of tension and anxiety among your staff while final decisions are being made.
  4. WE VALIDATE THE EMOTIONS OF OUR STAFF – We recognize that during busy and stressful period, our empathy and understanding of the emotions of our staff is key.  When the going gets tough, we make that our team members understand that we are equally concerned and will do our best to provide whatever support is required during challenging times.
  5. WE ENCOURAGE MINDFULNESS AND WAYS FOR OUR STAFF TO ALLEVIATE THEIR STRESS – In the past we have brought in mindfulness experts to conduct sessions with our staff at the workplace and we also bring in a registered massage therapist every few months to help ease the tension and stress of our team.  We also run contest based on improving our overall health and encourage all our staff to find ways to relax and rejuvenate while at work and at home.

At AnswerPlus, our team thrives because we put our staff first and that allows us to tackle change head-on and helps our team bring their best every day on every call we take.