We are encouraging our staff to talk about their peers behind their backs to create an awesome, motivational reminder of why our agents are simply the BEST!


There is so much competition in the world today.  There is a constant fight to look your best, perform your best, be the best, we only hire the best.  In a world of filters, Instagram, selfie, Snap Chat beauty filters…  When everything is filtered, we continue to create a place of transparent, honest, encouraging and real views of who our agents really are.  What is important (we are really proud of our agents)!

The responses to my request for a few comments from an anonymous agent about an anonymous agent(s) are starting to pour back in…  And I love what I am seeing!


 The goal?  Is that everyday all of our agents will stand in front of a poster with hundreds of positive, thoughtful and thankful statements that “could” have been written about them.  Daily affirmations if you will.  In today’s world there is a ton of pressure on people and our mission is to ensure our agents know that they are appreciated, not just by the management team but also by each other.  

AnswerPlus thrives on transparent communication, we are all human and we all need reminders that we are appreciated and respected.  This is just one more way we can highlight our core value “Respect and admire the people we work with.” 

Our contact center firmly believes that if we put our agents first they will continue to provide award winning customer service.  Exactly the level of service our customers have come to expect from us.  

Sometimes just taking a few minutes out of the day to appreciate others can encourage us to appreciate ourselves.  That is the ultimate goal, love yourself, love the people around you, love your callers and love your customers!  Everyone wins!