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Beware, the Phantom of the ORAC Masquerade Ball!

It’s almost time. Soon members of ORAC will take over Niagara Falls for the 49th Annual AGM. As a proud silver level sponsor of this year’s AGM, Heather Hillen and Kelsey Johnson from AnswerPlus will be there, ready to answer any and all questions that you may have about the services that AnswerPlus offers the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry.

Already one of our many ORAC customers? Come on over and say hi! Now is a perfect time to ask any questions that you have been meaning to mention about your account.

You can find us at the associates table top reception on Friday at 5:45-6:45 pm, happening at Great Room B in the Sheraton Hotel.

If you are really up for a challenge you can try and find the ladies at the Phantom of the Opera masquerade ball on Friday night. Hint – Kelsey is 5″3 with dark brown hair and will be wearing a blue, knee length victorian style gown.

We aren’t going to give you any hints on what Heather Hillen is going to be wearing. It seems that everyone already knows her very well. So we expect that you will find her easily, even with her mask on. ( Hint – Kelsey and Heather will be together all weekend, so if you find one chances are pretty good that the other isn’t too far away.)

Think you’ve spotted either Heather or Kelsey wandering around the AGM but you’re not one hundred percent sure? Simply look for the signature AnswerPlus red business shirt that they sport at every trade show. They will have them on all weekend! (Except at the masquerade ball, of course)

See you all soon!