When I was growing up my teachers would tell us over and over again how important first impressions were. Of course, back then that meant brushing your teeth and making sure your shoes were on the right feet. Okay, maybe it was more than that but you get the picture, things were simpler back then.

Today technology has allowed first impressions to go above and beyond professional appearances. When a potential client calls your company the reception they receive makes all the difference. When done correctly, a professional and genuine reception First Impressionscan set you apart from your competition. Example: Last week Netflix made headlines when a conversation between a Customer Service Representative and a consumer went so well that by the end of the discussion the viewer wished he had more problems, he was enjoying the conversation that much! You can see the exchange http://www.cnbc.com/id/101114563 here.

A simple “How can I help you” would have been the industry standard, but let’s face it, standard does not go viral and it does not ”wow” your customers. Customers expect more and voicemail is standard. This is why more and more companies are choosing to use virtual reception companies to handle their callers’ first impressions of their businesses. Virtual Receptionists focus on providing great customer service, allowing their customers to focus on what they do best.