When a company sets up a help desk, its primary goal is to provide troubleshooting and information assistance to its customers. Help desks may provide their services through toll free numbers, live chat and email services. The help desk has become integral to offering customers or prospects a good customer service experience.

Help desks are usually associated with providing customers pre-sale and after-sale services. Some contact centers also provide information about the company and its policies. You can also outsource your help desk to a call center for an economical and professional solution.

Retaining an existing customer is up to ten times cheaper than converting a new one, making the concept of a help desk that much more important.

To get the most out of your help desk, apply the following principles:

  • The help desk should be manned with adequate staff that is trained in the company’s CRM policy.
  • A structured approach to provide consistent information to customers must be in place.
  • Make sure you provide your employees with the best equipment available. Look for a package that provides call center management, CRM, asset management and more.
  • Develop replies for the most frequently asked questions and knowledge-bases as a number of support requests you will receive will be common.
  • Response time can be reduced with a set of standard responses that can be personalized quickly and sent off.

If your company needs guidance when it comes to getting the most out of your help desk, contact an AnswerPlus help desk expert at 1-866-615-3433.