The Buzzfeed guys Keith and Stephen took a road trip to Las Vegas, to taste test a $4 burger, a $18 burger and a $777 burger.  I will leave it for you to decide the best value.

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Their first stop?  Habit Burger and Grill, where the guys order the Grill’s mid range $4.15 double cheeseburger.  On bite in and Stephen expresses how juicy the burger is, while Keith adds how savory it is.  Keith continues to say that “your first reaction is to take another bite immediately!”  Both guys agree that for $4, the burger was a steal.


Next stop?  None other than the Gordan Ramsey Burger.  The guys order the top of range $18 Hog Burger.  The pork patty is wrapped in bacon, topped with brisket, coleslaw, crispy onions and pickles.  The completed burger is near the size of a human head!  As Stephen struggles to get his mouth around his very large burger, Keith explains that it is “very, very porky, but the onions and pickles counter it.”  Stephen quipped immediately that if he is spending $18 on a burger he wants to see this much food.


Their final stop,  Burger Brasserie for the $777 burger.  This burger comes with ingredients most of us wouldn’t be able to find in a grocery store.  It uses Kobe beef, pancetta, aged goat cheese, foie gras, arugula, Maine Lobster and 100 year old aged balsamic.  The burger is also paired with a BLT salad and a bottle of Dom Perignon Rose champagne (average price for the champagne alone is $438).  So to be fair they spent $777 for the full experience and not just the burger.  But I digress. 


The take away for me from this is that in any type of customer service industry, whatever your product, if it is delivered with love and heart the experience, will be one of pleasure.  This is no different from the Call centre industry, at AnswerPlus, we are constantly striving to provide an environment, that ensures the happiness of our staff.  We believe that if our staff is happy and engaged, our customers will always receive what they deserve… a warm reception. 

My second take away is that if you order what you need at whatever the price point, you will always be satisfied!  For me, a trip to the liquour store for a $15 bottle of red wine and the $4 burger would have made me a happy customer!  And my bank account even happier.  🙂