We love the holidays here at AnswerPlus. Perhaps it’s because one of our most important core values is to Always Give Back. Over the years our team members have arranged more BBQ’s, bake sales, summer dunk tanks, water balloon tosses and much more, together we have donated thousands upon thousands of dollars to those in need.

Of course this holiday season is no different. However one of the ways we are raising money is a bit different then anything we have attempted before.

From today until December 25th, every single like and follow on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages will be a dollar donated to the Stonegate Community Health Centre. We selected the Stonegate Community Health Centre not only because they are a local charity, but because of the amazing work that they do not only during the holiday season but throughout the year.

And of course we haven’t stopped there, this holiday season we have had not one, but two bake offs -both which I entered and lost..for good reason…) on top of it we have had a bake sale, craft sale and a raffle for a paid day off! All in order to raise money this holiday season for worth causes.

What do you do to celebrate and give back this holiday season, or better yet what did your company do to give back in 2014?