sign that says “Wish Upon an AnswerPlus Star”.

At AnswerPlus, we look for ways to give back to our staff and, most importantly, keep them motivated to provide the best possible service to our clients and callers.  From July through to September, we organized a company-wide contest “Wish Upon an AnswerPlus Star” where all our Virtual Receptionists had the opportunity to earn points which translated into ballots for a draw where 2 winners from each office would receive $500.00 towards a wish of their choice! 

Our Virtual Receptionists received points based on criteria that included customer feedback, call evaluations, and coming in early, staying late or coming in on a day off to help cover shifts.  This system encouraged our staff to go above and beyond for our customers and to ensure our high standards for quality were being exhibited on every single call.   And our Virtual Receptionists got a LOT of compliments!  Here are a few examples of what our clients and callers had to say:

Compliment from a duty counsel:  “He said he has dealt with many answering services for criminal law firms over the years.  He was the best and most professional person he’s spoken with in that time.”

Compliment from an on-call technician:  “There was a service call that he called in for – I gave him the message, and both said and spelled it out in French.  He said that I was very nice and thanked me for taking the time to both spell and say the French message.”

Compliment from a caller:  “The Virtual Receptionist was sympathetic with the passing of the caller’s father and processed a move out request. The caller said that the Virtual Receptionist was very professional.”

Compliment from a caller on a customer service line:  The caller’s closing comments to the Virtual Receptionist after he recapped the call was, “That was really top-notch customer service.”

Compliment for the entire Toronto office:  “Our contact at a plumbing company called in this evening to thank us for an awesome job helping to take their calls when we had phone issues today.”

Compliment from a caller:  The caller ended her call by saying “Thanks for listening and doing all that you do.”

We were thrilled to announce the winners from each office, so we asked them to share what they wished for and how it felt to win!

Office Winners Their Wish How Did They Feel About Being One Of The Big Winners?
Toronto Adam
Nintendo Switch
Upgrades to her car
“I am grateful to have won and very happy with my wish!”
“This couldn’t have happened at a better time as I needed new snow tires and now I’ve got them!”
Hamilton Carey
A shopping spree
A new synthesizer
“I am happy, surprised and grateful that AnswerPlus designed this contest!”
“I am very happy to have won and this wish will help me in my musical adventures!”
Montreal Gui
A new sofa
Best Buy Gift card
“It felt great to win, extra money is always appreciated, and I look forward to seeing who will win next!”
“I was very surprised to win and am looking forward to buying a new laptop.  I now have the motivation to continue working harder every day!”
Edmonton Kassandra
Visa Gift Cards
An iPad
“I was shocked to have won and now I can take my family on vacation to Cuba!”
“I was in total shock when I found out I won!  I am extremely grateful and happy, I’d like to thank everyone that helped make my wish come true, it’s truly fantastic!

This friendly bit of competition really allowed our Virtual Receptionists to demonstrate our exceptional customer service and active listening skills together with empathy and efficiency. We are very proud of our staff for their amazing performance during the contest and congratulations to our winners; we are thrilled to help make your wishes come true!