Great Call Centre Contest Idea

Dear readers, I am excited. Not just because the great Montreal weather is back, although don’t be surprised to catch me strolling down Montreal’s historic Old Port any day now, ice cream in one hand, MP3 player in the other. No, I’m excited because we here at our office have devised a new challenge for our agents, and it’s too good not to share. So let’s share!

First, here’s the scoop: anytime one our call centre agents gets a compliment on the phone from a caller, we enter them into a raffle. We then draw a name from the hat and award that lucky person a fabulous prize!

I do wish I could take credit for this idea, but alas, it’s actually the brainstorm of our terrific operations manager. However, I did help: she wanted to call the group of supervisors who verify the calls ‘The Compliment Committee’ which is a tad unexciting. I suggested, in a booming voice, that we be known as ‘The Order of The Compliment’ which she loved! Although she hasn’t gotten back to me regarding my suggestion that we wear matching outfits and write a theme song…

Anyway, despite being a simple idea, the advantages are numerous: our agents notice compliments more. It’s always nice to be appreciated, but now that they’re actively listening for them, they’re all reminded of just how much they’re cheerfulness and professionalism matters. Everyone lights up when they report one to their supervisor, and by extension, to the rest of their team.

And of course, with everyone in such high spirits and trying extra-hard, the end result is an even BETTER level of service, which leads to happier callers, which leads to even MORE compliments, and we suddenly become part of this big circle of awesomeness!

So far, the idea has been a huge hit! Everyone’s having a great time, spirits are high and callers are as happy as ever, without having to know why! We think this is a fantastic idea, and we’d be delighted if some of you tried it your office. So go ahead and take it, free of charge… It’s Complimentary!