As a business owner or manager, you cannot underestimate the importance of positive engagement when you speak to customers on the phone. While there are many helpful tips on telephone etiquette and customer engagement that you can use, the four listed below are hard to beat!

Emulate the corner store

If you remember how the owner or the salesman in the corner store remembered your name and made you feel immediately at ease, try to replicate it. When you are speaking to a customer on the phone, try to remember a detail or two about your customer and try to bring it up in a conversation. For example, if the customer has a son or a daughter studying in school, you can politely enquire/remark about the same.

Remember the ‘smile rule’

A golden rule is to have a smile on your face to give your voice a positive inflection. It can be the basis for a polite conversation, relaxing your customers on the other line, and giving them yet another reason to listen to you or voice their opinions freely.

Listen to the prospect

People are bound to feel neglected if you are the only one doing the talking. Ask your customers questions and truly listen to their response. Repeating what the caller has said ensures that you have understood the conversation and have recorded all the details accurately.

Be patient

It takes patience to develop relationships with customers. Fight the urge that tells you to rush through the process. Take time to listen and help your customers. You want them to feel important and that they matter to you and your business.

By following these simple but effective steps, you should be able to add to your customer base while keeping existing customers happy. Happy customers will return to buy from you again!

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