Our Hamilton Call Center came together, and raised over $500 in donations for cancer research.

It started with the news everyone was terrified to hear. Two very loved members of our call center family had, once again, been diagnosed with Cancer.

Perhaps the most difficult part for everyone in the call center was the knowledge that even though we wanted to do so much, at the end of the day, we were almost helpless. Emotional/financial support is what we could offer, but everyone was silently thinking the same thing. I wish I could  do more. I wish I could heal them.

We do not have the secret to curing cancer. But we can at least help the people who are working hard to cure cancer.

So, it goes without saying that team members at AnswerPlus were very passionate about raising funds and participating in the Climb for Cancer, 2015.

On May 9th our team climbed the stairs for cancer. But before that they had to raise some very much needed funds to donate to this extremely worthwhile cause.

So our call center did what we do best. Everyone ran to their cook books and donned their aprons. We were going to have us an ol’fashioned bake sale!

Yummy Chocolate cupcakes! So good!

Many a diets were forgotten on this day.

And boy, was it a success. Over all AnswerPlus raised over $500 to donate to the Climb for Cancer! To give some perspective, before we had never raised more then $300 at a bake sale.

Never underestimate the power of home cooking and a call center happy to donate to an amazing cause.

In fact, this bake sale was so popular that we actually ran out of some of the goodies before we could get a picture of them.

It goes without saying, our team members are not just okay bakers, they are a very talented group of individuals to say the least.

Tried to snag a picture of the goodies, but they were already sold out!

See, I wasn’t kidding. Only three left!

We also had a 50/50 draw, which brought in $70 on it’s own after we paid it out.

Then of course came the big day. Armed with homemade pom-poms (yellow and pink for the event) our team braved the humidity and the heat and tackled the stairs.

One set of stairs down, many more to go!

One set of stairs down, many more to go!

Some of our team members were able to climb the stairs  six times.  Yeah, you read that right. Six!


All in all it was a fantastic day, for a fantastic cause. The call center really came together to show our support for the wonderful work and that these organizations do.

We look forward to happy tears when we hear a cure has finally been discovered.