“When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home.”
                                                         – Betty Bender


Multiple times I’ve discussed the importance that AnswerPlus puts on making sure that our employees are happy. But now I have an opportunity to show you how far we go to make sure that they understand just how appreciated they are

Every year, each AnswerPlus office holds their own Dolly Awards (we have three call centres). At the Dolly awards we give out our Tenure awards, as well as our core value awards. On November 19th, it was our Hamilton Call centers turn to celebrate their employees. 

Family working in Call Center

In this picture we have (L-R) Judy S, Her Husband Lee and their daughter Stephanie. Both Judy and Stephanie work for us.

First time attendees! 

A quick shot of some of our new employees at their first Dolly Awards!



Louise celebrates her 10 Years with AnswerPlus, her son Chris joined us for the evening. 


Every year each AnswerPlus call center goes to great lengths to make their Dolly’s the best they can be for their team members. By having a night dedicated not to celebrating a holiday, or a company achievement but our employees AnswerPlus is able to send a very clear message. Our employees come before anything else. They come before our customers, and they even come before our callers.

Although our methods may seem unorthodox to you, our approach to business has allowed AnswerPLus to win multiple customer service awards because of our Virtual Receptionists.