It is tough to speak to difficult customers, but it can be done and done well. This may be taken care of if you are using an outsourced call center, but is critical when you have an in-house customer service The next time you are facing a volley of angry words from a customer, keep these tips in mind.

  • Greet customers warmly. When you speak, your manner should be friendly. Don’t use a monotonous voice or cynical tone that may imply that you are disinterested in helping them.
  • Ask customers about their problem and immediately tell them that they have a right to be upset. When the customers see that you respect their situation, they will calm down.
  • Listen and, if possible, paraphrase what customers say back to them. This shows that you are interested in the problem and want to help.
  • Never take your customers’ words personally. They are angry with your company’s services and not you.
  • Apologize for the inconvenience the problem may have caused the customer. But don’t go as far as to defend or blame anyone for their problems. The customers have called you for a solution. You will just be reminding them of their frustration with your company’s service by doing so.
  • Understand that there is a problem and that you have to offer alternatives and solutions.

Difficult customers can make or break a business. It is often from difficult situations, that are handled properly, that result in your most loyal customers.