Our Toronto team celebrated our Nations Birthday with a BBQ!

BBQ Chicken, hamburgers, hotdogs, ribs and all the salads and sweets you could ever ask for. Our Toronto office knowns how to celebrate in style!

As many would know, our virtual receptionists love any reason to get together and celebrate. What better reason to celebrate then Canada day?! It  just wouldn’t be the same for AnswerPlus, without our annual Canada Day BBQ.

This year our BBQ master was our very own Megan. IMG_6699You may recognize Megan from our previous blog The Three Reasons why Your Training System Failed.  Megan wears many hats in our office. She is our front desk receptionist, and one of the best teachers at AnswerPlus Academy! (Our new employee training school)
Enough food to sink a ship! (and this is just one of the tables! ) Our Toronto office boasts some amazing bakers and cooks, so it isn’t surprising that they would bring their A Game for our Canada Day BBQ.
IMG_6703Even team members from our Hamilton, Ont Office stopped by for the big day! Our very own Rob Beattie, AnswerPlus It & Programming Manager, drove down from our Hamilton office to join in on the celebration. (Did we mention he came back 5 pounds heavier?)

All said and done, the AnswerPlus Canada Day BBQ was a fantastic success and everyone is looking forward to celebrating again next year.