The Tragically Hip, an Iconic Canadian Band mirrors the values that AnswerPlus lives by!  Who knew that a call center and a rock band has so much in common?!

Toronto Mayor John Tory declared today The Tragically Hip Day before 3 sold out shows in Toronto.  On December 15th 2015 The Tragically Hip’s front man Gord Downie suffered a seizure while walking in Kingston Ontario, that lead to the discovery of a terminal brain tumor at just 52 years of age.  In May of this year the band announced its final tour with stops across Canada and ending in Kingston on August 20th, Gord’s hometown and the place where the band got its start.

Despite struggling to talk due to surgeries, chemotherapy and medications, Gord’s determination to give the bands adoring fans one more show reminds me of AnswerPlus’ core values.

Tragically Hip

Here at AnswerPlus we are guided by our Core Values and I am surprised at the similarity of the values of an Iconic Canadian rock band and our very own contact center.  Replace the words caller and customer with audience and you will see what I am talking about.

AnswerPlus’ first core value is Respect and admire the people we work with.  I think it goes without saying, to be a long standing successful band it is vital that the band mates all respect and admire each other.  They live for months at a time crammed on a tour bus together (since the 80’s) after all!

The second core value is to Wow the caller (audience).  Despite the band successfully wowing audiences since the 80’s, Gord Downie getting news that he has terminal brain cancer and plans a final tour for his fans!  There is no bigger WOW factor than that!

Third, Think like the customer (audience).  The Hip knew that their audience would want the opportunity to see the band play one more time and have the opportunity to say goodbye to the man that wrote the soundtrack to their lives and that is exactly what they are doing.

Fourth, Continuous and never ending improvement.  The Tragically Hip started out playing small venues around Ontario from 1984 until they were discovered and signed to MCA in 1987. To remain relevant in the music industry a band must be consistently improving and learning.

Finally, Set the bar high!  I don’t think words are necessary here. 🙂

Happy Tragically Hip Day!  I hope that you are as inspired by the strength, determination and values of Gord Downie and The Tragically Hip as I am!


*The Hip’s final show in Kingston is being broadcast live across the country on August 20th.