When a close-knit company such as AnswerPlus temporarily loses a close member of the team, there is always a ripple effect. 

In some cases, there isn’t as much laughter in the office. In others, co-workers are suddenly miscommunicating and losing touch with each other.

And in rare cases, when one person leaves, you lose dozens of close friends you didn’t even know you had.

This was the case when Heather Hillen a long term AnswerPlus sales team member, stepped away from the limelight for a period of time. 

I don’t think any of us realized just how heavy the impact really was until she returned to CMPX In Toronto this past week. 


Over the course of the three-day trade show, the AnswerPlus booth was flooded with old friends and new. Hidden jokes, knowing glances and stories of adventures just a few short years ago. All of it came back in just a few moments of conversation. 

Heather taught us something very important last week. She demonstrated that the art of a face to face conversation is more important than ever before. In a digital age we tend towards GoTo Meetings, we prefer to talk through emails over phone calls. We scan over contracts and even Facetime each other instead of taking the time to actually meet and enjoy spending time together. 

This week we saw first hand what happens when you bring back that crucial human element. For this technology enthusiast, it was a humbling and educational experience I will never forget. 

Maybe it’s time that we all took a page from Heathers’ book. Let’s strive to make time for each other, build memories and most importantly, let’s make the effort to meet in person and really learn about each other.