By: Dana Lloyd,July 10, 2013

Paying Homage to Our Call Centre Team

We have 3 AnswerPlus offices and I can honestly say that we have awesome people at each. All three offices are different in look and feel but I leave each office feeling motivated and inspired by the people who work here.

In this posting, I wanted to recognize, in the wake of the recent Toronto storms, our Toronto Call Centre team. As most know, Toronto was hit with record breaking rainstorms this past Monday and, as a result, our call volume shot through the roof in a very short period of time. Power was out across the GTA, massive amounts of flooding and evacuations occurred, and emergency situations arose. We were working off our generator and answering as many calls as humanly possible.

Now, I believe that our team always steps up to the plate and this situation saw no exception. We had people remote in so they could answer calls, we had people stay late, come in early, come in on their days off, stay all night, fight two hours of traffic to come in. People missed dinners and breaks that night and breakfasts and lunches the following day all without complaint. They were amazing!!!

And the stories… we were able to get fire trucks onsite to help an elderly woman, who has passed out, out of a trapped elevator. We had another woman call because she was about to lose oxygen on her oxygen machine. She actually called a wrong number but happened to call in on one of our customer’s lines. One of our teammates was able to track down the proper company, locate a serviceperson, and aid this woman. And we’ve had calls from those callers, after the fact, thanking everyone for their responsiveness and compassion.

I feel very lucky to work with such dedicated and kind individuals.