It’s Time To Provide Your Customers The Consistent Service They Are Looking For!


What do The Holiday Inn, and Tim Hortons have in common? Both recognize the value of ‘branding’ their product/service across multiple locations. Love them or hate them, at least we know exactly what to expect when we enter either establishment.

Some businesses however, struggle to maintain consistent service within a single location!

While shopping for a ride-on lawn mower, I asked a clerk about features and warranties. His response… ‘I just sell them; I don’t know anything about them.’ Next I tried the service manager who said ‘I might be able to get someone to help you, but you’ll have to wait’

Clearly I was not off to a good start!

The gentleman who eventually did help me was amazing! He fueled up the mower, walked me through all operations, and even loaded it onto our truck while I was inside paying.

Would I recommend that store to you? In spite of the superb experience provided by the last employee I encountered, it was already too late… I could not in good conscience send a friend to do business with that store.

Telephone Tip – Tell callers what you WILL do

Customers don’t want to hear what we can’t do or why.

Focus on the positive by starting your response with these 2 powerful words… “I WILL … “