Many small businesses may not be able to hire the services of a full time receptionist for a number of reasons. But with an efficient virtual receptionist, your clients will never be able to guess that you are a small business.

You don’t need to hire a full time receptionist to answer your company’s phone lines. You don’t have to worry about the associated expenses, such as office space, holidays, or equipment either. Regardless of your business location, a virtual receptionist service can aid in customer engagement seamlessly. After the calls are filtered, they will be transferred to different destinations such as home, office, voice-mail, etc. Before your virtual receptionist transfers the call, if you want to be informed of the caller’s purpose and name, even that can be arranged.

  • Your customers are empowered because they can now self navigate to the required information or to the person they want to engage. The hassle of waiting in queue is avoided.
  • You business will look ‘bigger’ without spending the extra money on hiring a new employee.
  • Your business line and your personal line will be separated. No more business calls when you are spending time with your family.
  • By scheduling the system to be active at all times, you will never miss an important call again.
  • Your messages will be emailed to you in a compressed file, so you can check them anywhere.
  • Your virtual receptionist can give your callers basic information about your company like pricing, directions, service options, etc. Since you are not answering common questions, you save time.