Star Wars Episode 7 Force Awakens

I’m making a bold claim, I know. Star Wars 7 is a masterpiece. But just putting it out there, I think AnswerPlus Virtual Receptionists may nudge ahead for the win. 

Ps. This is spoiler free, I wouldn’t do that to you silly.


Reason #1


That’s the number of calls our receptionists took in 2015. Now I’m not going to make any big claims, but times that by the 52 years we’ve been in business and you’re up to 142,775,152 phone calls.  


Yeah, we think it’s worth dancing about too.

Reason #2. 

We’re family run too. (Three generations as well.) Except you know…without the evil and drama.



Too soon?

Reason #3

We NEVER use potty language. Not judging, just saying. 

Reason #4

I don’t know why I didn’t start with this one, it’s kind of the most important point.

We all stayed behind and answered the phones so our customers could go see Star Wars on opening night.


We got your back jack.


So there you have it. My reasons why our AnswerPlus team members are better than the masterpiece that is the new Star Wars movie.