Introducing the Pop-Up Contact Centre

What is the Pop-Up Contact Centre? We are a team of experienced tele-professionals dedicated to supporting you in achieving very specific and timely goals.

Business can be very fluid. One minute you are on top of your game and running like a fine-tuned machine, the next, you have a major recall on your hands. Perhaps you started a new marketing campaign and could never have anticipated the kind of response you were going to generate.

It’s for times like these that the Pop-Up Contact Centre can overcome the challenge, so you can get back to being successful. Powered by the Answerplus Advantage™, we are the short-term call centre solution for businesses that might not have a long-term need for on going telephone support. When you need to communicate with your customers quickly, we are on the call. When you need to support product launches, public relations, a seasonal business or product recalls we are the team that seamlessly integrates with your business to achieve the best success possible.

Like any highly trained group of problem solvers, we can handle projects anywhere in Canada – in both official languages. We understand that your customers are the most important assets a business can have, so offering bilingual service ensures they are understood and supported in the best way possible.

When you have a temporary project that requires the expertise of award-winning tele-professionals, you call the Pop-Up Contact Centre to get the job done.