It’s official.... Holidays are good for you

Studies show that holidays are critical to help deal with the 24/7, fast-paced lives that are quickly becoming the norm. Taking time off can help manage stress, improve sleep patterns, lower blood pressure and improve relationships. It’s essential to re-charge and get away so that we are all better prepared for the daily hustle and bustle that encompasses our daily lives.

However, the idea of taking time off for business owners can actually cause more stress. The notion of lost business, missed calls, issues not being solved or concerns for the continuation of day-to-day operations causes business owners to forfeit or postpone holidays.

Here are some tips to manage your business AND take some well deserved time off:

  1. Inform your clients of the timeframe you will not be in the office.
  2. Include the same information in your email signature, along with an alternative contact.
  3. Plan to take time off during your slowest months
  4. Hire a call center to cover the basics such as answering calls and/or emails while you are away. They are able to screen calls for urgency and contact you in the case of a true emergency.

Also, remember that a healthy business requires a healthy leader. Happy Holidays!