On Sunday night 3 year old Lochlan McKenzie was playing outside near dusk and wandered away from his Vancouver Island home.  Immediately a search party was mobilized and worked through the night into the next morning looking for the toddler.  A story that very well could have ended in tragedy, instead inspires me to look to a resilient 3 year old for some solid life and career advise!  


Lochlan was found 14 hours after wandering away from his home, under a bush eating berries.  The toddler had wandered approximately 4 km into the darkness and was found unharmed, calm and well feed.  Even though he had spent the night out in the dark forest alone Lochlan had miraculously managed to remain calm, find food and shelter until help arrived.

What can Lochlan McKenzie teach us?  To be more like him!  

Be curious, don’t be afraid to loose your way, because the adventure may lead to something unexpected and delightful.

Stay calm, when you find yourself in a stressful situation, remember to breath and keep moving.  Everything is impermanent and one way or another things will work out.

Finally, take care of yourself! Customer Service Representatives and Call center agents main objective is to be there for others in need, no matter how big or small the need is, we can only take care of others, if we have taken care of ourselves first.  

Due to the nature of the Call Center business AnswerPlus is regularly in unfamiliar territory, we are constantly learning and adapting to the changing needs of our clients and their callers.  If we remember to #1. be like 3 year old Lochlan and #2. Continue to surround ourselves with a strong team of people, who’s focus is to assist you in successfully navigating challenges, we will always come out on top.

*Photo provided to CTV Vancouver by Lochlan McKenzies family.