There was a time when customer support was not at the top of priorities for some businesses. This skewed thinking has been replaced with a new-found respect for, and emphasis on, effective customer service in today’s competitive business landscape.

There is no denying that customer service and support impact customer retention tremendously. Whether you choose to outsource your customer care to a call center or handle it in-house, one thing is sure

Going social has its advantages

Customers are increasingly expecting better service levels, in the form of quicker responses, complete answers and more channels to contact and engage with businesses. Offering this kind of enhanced interaction are social and mobile channels they have changed the way businesses interact with audiences. Take Twitter for instance. It allows a more immediate communication of service issues, facilitating quicker responses that are not possible in the case of channels like email.

Another advantage of social media is that it enables a more open and public interaction. What’s the effect of this? Your service conversations are now no longer relegated to your company’s customer service department. Sales, marketing and public relations enthusiastically take part to ensure swift addressal of service requests.

The demand for immediacy

By adding mobility to the equation, you can meet customer expectations for immediate, anywhere, anyplace responses. Mobile channels allow your customers to get their urgent needs addressed in a timely manner.

Staying ahead of the game

Keep in mind that leveraging social and mobile channels also means consistently catering to customer demands. And this is across any channel that you may use to deliver service, including telephone and email. In short, you should concentrate on identifying the strengths of different service-delivery channels and enhance customer experience across all of them.

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