Before honing customer service skills, adopting the right customer service attitude is important. As interactions are personal, the way a customer service representative responds is sometimes more important than how he/she efficiently transacts the business in question. If you aspire to provide good customer service, the kind that sees customers come back, here are some things to keep in mind:

Keep the language positive

Communication is an art, and this is never more apparent than when the same communication can convey a positive or a negative message. Consider this example:
“You cannot have that product until September as it is back-ordered.” Now, examine the positivity this message conveys when you say “The product will be available in April. I can place the order for you now and ensure that it reaches you once it arrives at our warehouse.” Positive language is especially important when there isn’t a product/service that can be delivered immediately or in cases when you cannot reply in the affirmative to the customer, such as non-availability of a product.

Be a good listener

Only if you are a patient listener can you provide the best help to customers in any situation. Focus on what customers have to say, listen carefully for key facts, and as much as possibly to try to take notes instead of entirely relying on your memory.

Confirm customer satisfaction

Before you end a transaction, show the customer that you care about ensuring his/her satisfaction, and you are willing to go the extra mile to get it right. Something as simple as enquiring with the customer whether or not the customer is satisfied with the transaction can go a long way.