Never let it be said that any of our call centre teams are not one to accept (and deal out) a challenge. Especially when the challenge comes from AnswerPlus COO Dana Lloyd & our VP of Operations Cathy Best.

Collectively our Call Center’s have all accepted the challenge, this includes our fully bilingual, Montreal Call Center.

Our Montreal office has always been one to go above & beyond in all that they do. Sandra, the operations manager, has made it her mission to encourage all of her employee’s in the spirit of the challenge to give back in whatever way they choose, donation, giving their time & paying our good fortune forward.

But of course, she also had fun with ice. AnswerPlus Ice Bucket Challenge.

Now I know what your thinking, so that is two call centre branches, but what about Hamilton, they were nominated as well. Well, you would be right, they were nominated. And true to form our  Hamilton Call Centre has exemplified the Always Go Above & Beyond values of AnswerPlus.

In the spirit of this challenge I would like to further extend Sandra’s idea of giving back where you can, pay forward a good deed. Perhaps paying for the coffee of the person behind you, donating your time to a worth while cause or perhaps even helping a loved one with a difficult task. You never know, what seems like such a small deal to you may have a bigger impact than you expected.