Movember is an annual campaign to raise awareness of men’s health issues. Some of our stache, er staff decided to either grow mustaches or support someone who did.

AnswerPlus cares a great deal about community and this value is shared by our team members. We give to charities, we participate in initiatives in the communities we serve and we support each other through great times and hard times. We always do the right thing… regardless, a value which unites us as a business and as a community of friends.

Our reasons for participating in this initiative are varied. I asked some team members why they participated. CSR Cheerleader Joe in our Hamilton office responded that “To me it’s a personal challenge. A test of endurance and will power.

Supervisor Vanessa in our Toronto office had this to say:

Well I personally am not participating lol but the hubby is! He is doing it as it’s been the tradition for a few years now, to help raise money and awareness for Men’s cancer. I admit to crying when I first saw him freshly shaven, as I fell in love with the beard! But it’s for a great & worthy cause and I welcome seeing all the ‘stached men out and about. There needs to be more awareness for all of men’s cancer. Hopefully one day, there will be a cure”

It warms my heart to work with people who push themselves to make a difference. Hamilton operator Matthew’s MO-tivation was to change the face of mental health. “I know a lot of people affected by trauma, mental illness and everyday stressors and all too often our people feel they need to suck it up and get on with it. This silence can lead to unnecessary suffering and dying by suicide, so we need to talk about this more.”  

Movember was started to raise awareness of prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s suicide. By growing a mustache, encouraging all people (including men) to talk to each other, screening early for cancer and asking for help if depressed, we can and will “change the face of men’s health.”

Making a difference is a natural part of life at AnswerPlus. Whether it’s through handling conversations on the phone, so our clients can focus on their core business or participating in tough conversations in the community, so that we can shape a better future, our people at AnswerPlus always get results.

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Guest written by: Matthew Calvano