Motionball is a not-for-profit organization that builds awareness and raises funds for the Special Olympics Canada Foundation (SOCF), targeting a “next generation” of supporters – Canada’s professional crowd who are not defined by their age but rather their mind-set.

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 I was taken today by the #nogoodway movement that swept across my Twitter feed. There are so many things that I cannot believe are still a “thing” in 2017, this one, that is so. Far. Overdue. I jumped all over it! I implore everyone that is reading this blog post, to please join the movement, and if you can, donate. No one should ever feel marginalized for something they have no control over.

 In the Call Centre industry, where words are ALL that matter, one needs to by hyper aware of the words chosen, on a moment to moment basis. I once chose the word “assume” in professional communication; I will never do it again. The person responding to that communication, has likely long forgotten the weight that word had on our correspondence, but I will forever live with it.

 As an invisible minority, and a person living and working in a beautifully diverse community, I have experienced, and been witness to the impact, that hateful, hurtful or thoughtless words have on people. When a word like the R-word rolls off the tongue, it is often done with no regard to who it has impacted.

 I believe that the majority of people are good, and don’t intentionally venture to hurt others. Having said that, if you are still using words that marginalize others, you need to be aware of the impact, and make changes to your vocabulary, immediately!

 If you need proof, when you utter a word like the R-word, look around. Look at the faces around you. Look specifically for the one person who turned away, dropped their head, the one, that’s demeanor changed. That was the person affected. Maybe the mother, father, sibling, friend of someone they know would have also, been hurt by the word.

 All people are created with the ability to fall short of, meet or exceed their limitations. In my experience it is the people that were handed limitations that always strive to exceed them. The people that are told no and say yes!

 AnswerPlus stands with the #nogoodway movement. Please like and share, bring awareness to something so personal to so many of us. If you can. Donate.  As we say, “Always do the right thing, regardless…”

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