Untitled1The human element is invaluable to good customer service, so keep that element in high spirits. While your agents have friends, families and hobbies outside of the office to keep themselves happy and motivated, a fun outing with their colleagues to remind them why they love their job so much, and keep their positive energies maximized! Simple, lighthearted activities can build trust, teach valuable lessons and create bonds between everyone, and with the company that brought them all together.

With that said, every office has a different culture, and it’s up to you to zone in on any possible ideas that you and your comrades would enjoy. It’s not difficult! Whether you’re a manager or a new hire, just talk to people, and you’ll be surprised just how quickly some ideas get tossed around! However, to get you started, here are some examples:

Having fun AND helping others?

That’s what we call win/win. Bake sales allow the secret pastry chefs in your office to strut their stuff, while the rest of us enjoy a sweet treat, all in the name of a good cause!

If you’re looking to burn off some of those post-bakesale calories, there’s a plethora of fun, physically engaging activities you can turn to. Skating or downhill tubing are a wonderful winterland of possibilities.

In summer, a friendly game of baseball is competitive in all the right ways, Still hungry though? Don’t worry, a barbecue is certainly not out of the question either.

And regardless of the season, indoor rock-climbing can help people come together to conquer fears and push past limitations, which will definitely bring everyone closer together.

On a Closing Note

If you’re looking for a fun, physical summertime event with a generous spin, check out the “Color Me Rad 5K Run for Charity”, held in cities across North America every summer. Some of our feistier coworkers in the Montreal AnswerPlus office go every year, and they swear by it, so why not take a look