Dear AnswerPlus Customer Service Receptionists,

Today is Administrative Professionals Day and although you deserve more than just a day, I hope this letter can help make up for the shortfall.

I have often said from personal experience how hard it can be to work as a receptionist. The demands are high and the days can be long. But you have never wavered, not even for a moment. Where do you get such stamina?

When the storms raged outside and your power flickered at home you didn’t hesitate. You left your car in the driveway and you took public transportation. It was your day off, we didn’t even call, you just came in. Why did you do it?

When the calls poured in and seemed so overwhelming, you didn’t leave. Before you knew it, you had worked through the night. Even though you began at 3pm the previous day. Finally you went home at 7am, you slept, but then you came back. What about yourself?

You knew something was wrong when she dropped her phone. She couldn’t form words, silent tears fell. She made no sound, but somehow you heard her. You didn’t ask questions, you just went to her. You held her, you became her rock. How did you hear her silent cry for help?

You smiled, even while he yelled at you. It wasn’t fair, you had done nothing wrong, but still you kept smiling. You listened, you waited and then you said, Thank you. Thank you? How could you be thanking him for treating you in such a way? But you don’t think that way do you? No, you just wanted to help him. How do you remain so cheerful?

You perform such wonderful acts of kindness and compassion because that is just who you are. From the inside out, you glow. You are dedicated, you are strong and you are so much more than just the voice on the other end of the line.

Thank you AnswerPlus csr’s. Thank you for caring, for being so strong and for joining our AnswerPlus family.

And most of all,

Thank you for being exactly who you are.