With Virtual Receptionists like ours, how could you not expect this?


So…Remember how I mentioned that at AnswerPlus we really get into Holidays?

Yeah Halloween is one of the big ones.

  As you can see, our programming team opt’d to not take down their Christmas tree this year. Instead they decorated for each holiday. It’s always the highlight of every office tour we give.

But on to the best part of Halloween.

Halloween Tree


We Get all types of costumes at our Answering Service. We have a contest and we the only rule is, there are no rules! Dress up as anyone you’d like to. If we have to guess who you are, all the better. (Get it? Guess who. ) Ha!

Guess Who

 I love this costume for multiple reasons. 1. She’s dressed a the lady of the night. Also, Krista is also one of our Midnight Receptionists. (Call at 3am, your likely to speak to her). I’m a big fan of puns. 

Call Centre Devil costume

2. It’s completely homemade. Who doesn’t love a closet costumes?! (PS. She also made her horns from scratch). 


Want to see more?

Of course you do, who wouldn’t? What can I say. Our Receptionists are rock Halloween every year. Never fear. (Ha, scary puns anyone?) If you’d like to see the rest of our Halloween costumes then head on over to our Facebook page. We’re always sharing the newest events going on at AnswerPlus.