Virtual Receptionist Time Together

Food brings families together. So it’s no surprise that our Virtual Receptionist team is always cooking something up. 


 Welcome to Pancake Tuesday at AnswerPlus. An annual tradition when our management team cooks up delicious clouds of goodness for everyone to enjoy. Chocolate chips, bananas, all the berries we could find and of course, buttermilk. No flavour is spared in the effort to create a pancake paradise. 
I’ve spoken time and time again about the importance of taking advantage of any and all opportunities you have to celebrate and come together as a team. Perhaps we’ve taken it to the next level (a delicious level) but this is a powerful example of our desire to bring our virtual receptionists together and create a team centered environment at AnswerPlus.
And of course, this isn’t limited to a single AnswerPlus call center. We take our pancakes very seriously in all AnswerPlus offices.
Our Toronto location has their own tradition. They prefer not to opt for a sea of pancakes in every flavour. Instead they have plain pancakes with a side of eggs and bacon! (The smell, it was heaven in that kitchen.) To the left is a shot of one of our Managers Jen (Also our resident BBQ Master) mixing up a batch of scrambled eggs for everyone.
 This week we encourage everyone to take a look back and think about the last time everyone in your company came together. Was it at the company Christmas party? Perhaps that was the only time in 2015 that you all spent some quality time together.  
I’m not judging. Nobody is perfect and bringing a group together takes time. But maybe, just maybe, it’s time for everyone to come together again? Family day is just around the corner after all.