Quite a few industry leaders who come from humble beginnings and work their way up the ladder of success give back to their local communities. One such story of hope and inspiration stars our very own Paul Lloyd. AnswePlus Inc.’s President and CEO more recently made a generous donation to music outreach program An Instrument for Every Child (AIFEC).

The objective of AIFEC is to make the learning of music and playing of musical instruments accessible to disadvantaged inner city kids. A brainchild of Hamilton Music Collective, AIFEC is an expansion on their Jazz in the Hubs music outreach program where the band performs at elementary schools and gives students the opportunity to understand musical instruments from up close. Using the Jazz in the Hubs model, Program Manager Astrid Hepner was keen to provide music lessons to elementary schools. A chance meeting with Paul Lloyd helped give what is now AIFEC a kick-start in the right direction and soon thereafter, a handful of corporate sponsors contributed financially to prop up the program.

Paul’s decision was based on his own childhood experience of playing in a band. Having realized the value of music education as an inner city kid, Paul jumped at the chance to help disadvantaged children. The program has made a positive difference in the kids’ lives; Astrid says they love it, understand how special music is and do not take the program lightly. If you’d like to follow in Paul’s footsteps, make a financial contribution according to your capacity. The few dollars that you donate will help AIFEC buy a guitar or a keyboard, and bring more cheer to the kids.