Pokemon Go has Taken over Toronto & our Virtual Receptionists are hooked!


Do you want to be the very best, like no one ever was? 

Or maybe you just want to know what the heck Pokemon Go is and why it’s so dang popular. 

Question 1. What are Pokey-mon?


First off, it’s pronounced Poke-eh-mon. Secondly, Pokemon are adorable little creatures from the tv show Pokemon. There are many different ‘species’ of Pokemon and each species has an unique abilitiy. Ie. Plant, Fire, Water and even Ghost. 

Pikachu (pictured to your right) is a very famous Pokemon that you will likely recognize.

Question 2. Why Is Pokemon Go So Popular?!

pokemon in call center

In the TV show Pokemon trainers travelled around the world catching, training and battling Pokemon. The goal was to be the very best trainer and compete in the Pokemon league championships.

Pokemon Go is popular because it relives a childhood fantasy of becoming Pokemon Trainers and actually being able to ‘catch’ Pokemon in real life. 

To your right is a picture of a Gastly taken in our Hamilton Call Center. As you can see, the game makes it look like the Pokemon is actually in the call center. (This is a significant part of the games appeal.) 

Question 3. How Does Pokemon Go Work?

Pokemon Go is unique in that it encourages players to actually get off their butts and move! Just like trainers in the TV show, you also have to physically travel and hunt for Pokemon to train. Gyms (where you battle Pokemon) and Pokestops (where you get free items) are tied to geographic locations so you have to go to each location if you want to get the rewards. 

Question 4. Is Pokemon Go Safe?

Good question. Yes, the game is perfectly safe but people need to use their common sense. I follow some basic common sense rules. 

1.  If you wouldn’t go somewhere before Pokemon Go, you shouldn’t go there now. Ie. Don’t go down the dark alleyway at night just because you want to catch a Pokemon.

2. You wouldn’t text and drive, so why would you think it’s okay to Pokemon Go and drive? It’s not. Don’t do it. Full stop.

3. Look up from your phone. Pokemon Go will make loud noises in you’ve found a Pokemon or a location. So unless you’re tracking a specific species, there is no need to walk around with your nose in your phone all the time. 

4. Pokemon Go is a game, so treat it as such. Yes, it is very fun and yes, it gets people out of the house. However, we need to remember everything in moderation. 

So there you have it. Pokemon Go explained. Have some more questions or want a part 2? Just let me know in the comments below. 

Until then, I’m off to catch me some Pokemon!