How Your Company Can Benefit from Promoting Excellence

If you’re reading this it’s probably because you have a genuine interest in this business. You care about your company, your coworkers, you strive to do a better job and promote a positive, energetic atmosphere for all. Or you simply adore my wit and writing style. Either way, kudos to you!

We’ve touched upon suggestions and ideas for encouraging the right kind of attitude in the past, but this isn’t a guide per se. This is a call to action, a call to steer your crew to new standards, and help them aspire to greater things, and take pride in what they do.

Going the extra mile is crucial for call centre clients, but it means a lot to your agents as well. Office activities, celebrating birthdays, rewarding terrific calls are more than fun diversions. They show that we care. They bring coworkers together as friends. They mean something to people.

Also, while sitting beside someone and listening to one of their calls is good for training, it can also really show them how much our job matters. A recording where a kind rep helps calm down a panicked client after an accident, helps walk a confused customer through a complex system means a lot for a caller. It gives everyone a real idea of why companies trust us with their calls over an inexpensive little box, and can inspire them to go that extra mile for people.

The person who inspired this entry, Mrs. Z, is a good friend and part-time mentor here at AnswerPlus. When yours truly was first starting out, she helped me learn the ropes, defuse troubling situations and provided great advice. She also managed to instill a great sense of pride and importance in my work, all using a positive attitude and a truckload of patience. This entry is dedicated to her, and to all of you, who take the time to show your teammates how much you care and push them to be best they can be, not just because ‘it’s their job’, but because you want to see them excel and grow.