Team Building Strategies to Increase Punctuality

Time for a confession, dearest readers: nobody’s perfect, not even your friendly neighborhood blogger. We all have flaws, we all make mistakes. In my many, many, MANY years (well maybe not THAT many) of work in the customer service industry, time management is almost always the main bane of everyone’s existence. Even the most skilled and diligent professional can have trouble being on time!

But if your team is having trouble following the rhythm of the clock, fear not! Before dispensing a stern wag of the finger, let’s consider friendlier, more proactive ideas.

First off, consider WHY they might be late. Do they live far away? Do they have to drop off kids at school? Are they students themselves? If you have an agent who’s committed to their work but is discouraged by their inability to be on time, help them find solutions: shift trades, carpooling, etc. Rallying your team together to help one another is a great way to solve a problem, and has the added bonus of building strong ties between one another.

We here at Answer Plus are a call centre. If you have an employee who just can’t seem to hear their alarm clock in the morning, scheduling a wake-up call with your dispatcher is a cinch!

If you have a coworker who really doesn’t really take punctuality seriously, appeal to their kindness first: it’s not hard to show someone how their tardiness can have a negative effect on the callers and their coworkers. If that doesn’t bother them, you may want to reconsider if they’re a right fit for an industry that prides itself on going the extra mile for others.