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Are You Making These Common Customer Service Mistakes?

It’s the new year! So it’s time that we revisited the basics.

Let’s discuss some more Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to identifying and implementing your 2016 Customer Service plan.

Do: Observe what is going on

If you’re going to improve your customer service levels then you have to learn what is going on. 

Things to look for: The words ‘I’m Sorry.” Or employees answering the phone and saying “One moment please.” before putting someone on hold.

You’re also looking for the telltale signs that people are stressed out. If you notice your employees are jumping from task to task or getting continuously interrupted then you have a problem.

Don’t: Micro Manage your team

I know that it’s tempting to jump in off the hop but remember, you’re just observing. If you want to learn the whole picture then you have to be patient.

Do: Identify your Customer Service Pain Point.

What is the biggest problem in your current system? Unclear lines of communication, staff doing attempting to do 4 things at once, or improper billing systems?

Once you identify what it is that needs to change, creating a solution to address that problem becomes much easier.

Don’t: Play the Blame Game.

For example: You’ve learned that your biggest pain point is that your customers are waiting too long for their issues to be resolved.

While it may be tempting to blame incompetent staff, take a step back and look at the system they are working with. (Which you should understand because of the time you took observing.)

We find that nine times out of ten, the system built to support these employees is weak at best. People can only do the best with what they have. Compassion is your best friend at this point of the game. I understand it may be frustrating, but it’s important that you focus on the changes that are to come.

Do: Create an Action Plan with Measurable KPIs.

If you’re going to address your pain points then you need a plan to do so.

Customer service is a step by step process. You need to identify your issues, create a plan, set realistic goal and then see it through. When you follow your plan you can identify what did or did not work.

Don’t: Fail to follow through.

Set goal dates for your KPI’s. Saying you are going to see a 40% reduction in customer complaints is great, but if you don’t have a target date in mind then your plan is going to fall through the cracks. You and your team need a solid goal to work towards.

Do: Build a strong team.

Sometimes accepting that we need additional help is hard. We’ve tried every other solution but now we have to dig deep and hire more staff to bridge the gap.

If your pain point is temporary, then hiring a temporary employee or an Answering Service may be the cost effective solution to get you through the tough times.

Don’t: Fail to reward your Team.

Once you hit your KPI’s you need to make sure that you reward your team for all of their hard work. You didn’t get to where you are without them, and now that you have the team where you want it, you don’t want to lose them and start at ground zero.