The internet has been taken over by people offering up life hacks to prepare you for the coming winter season.

Here are 10 very bad, horrible, no good, winter hacks to avoid at all costs!

Bad winter Hack

You need coolant year round!

Not only does it protect your car from overheating in the summer,

but also protects from freezing in the winter months.

Bad winter hack


If you follow this winter hack, I suggest that you lace up

your skates before you leave the house.

You will need them to get to your car!

Bad winter hack

Also keep roadside assistance on speed dial.

You will require a boost in the morning.

Bad winter hack

For the love of everything winter, do not add antifreeze or anything

other than brake fluid to your brake fluid!

It can already be a challenge to stop

in winter conditions.

Bad winter hack

You will see clearly again when you replace your scratched windshield.

It’s not all lost… you can try the next hack.

Bad winter hack

If you do decide to try this out, I hope you’ve brushed up on

your windshield scraping skills!

bad winter hack

It’s probably best to make sure your tires are properly filled before

hitting the road.

This hack will leave you with the cost of an expensive set of new

tires and rims!

Bad winter hack

Let’s first start with the hope that you will not get a flat tire.

Then I would advise to keep your lug nuts securely fastened!


Remember that flat tire we were concerned about in the last image?

This is a really good way to make that nightmare a reality!

Bad winter hack

On the bright side, they say snow is insulating..

Perhaps you can save on gas costs by not running your heater!


Now that you know not to believe everything you see on the internet.

Here is some good advice.

AnswerPlus is open 24/7, 365 days a year, rain, shine or sleet!

Hiring a call centre is a smart move when you are about to begin LONG commutes in SLOW traffic, in BAD weather.

While you are in traffic, AnswerPlus will be here to answer your calls.

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