Back in February I wrote a blog post about the renovations that were under way in our Hamilton call centre. Our Hamilton office has grown significantly over the past few years and we are so  passionate about our social events that it quickly became clear IMG_6069that our teeny tiny cafe was just not going to cut it any longer. So we set out to create the new AnswerPlus Bistro, and I must say it turned out just perfect. 

The goal for this renovation was to create an open and inviting space for our virtual recept ionists, while still making it large enough to accommodate everyone when we hold our many special events and celebrations in the call centre. 

120 and122 Hughson St. south, are very old Hamilton buildings, 154 years old to be exact. Built in 1860, the beautiful stonework of our buildings deserved to be shown off, and so we exposed the original stone wherever we could. 

The renovations are complete and the new Bistro is a huge success and loved by all. I personally love the natural light that comes in. In the morning and afternoon we are able to conserve energy and turn the lights off, which is fantastic.The lights are LED which means they require significantly less power when we do need to turn them on.  

My favourite part of the new cafe (besides the original stone walls) is the orange paint. Maybe that’s because my dinning room at home is the same colour, so I could be biased.


This is a picture of our old cafe. It was cute and cozy but it just didn’t serve its purpose any longer. But wait..wIMG_6076hat are those blue taped lines in the middle of the floor? More renovations to come perhaps? *hint hint Hamilton*