AnswerPlus has always taken a unique approach to our business and part of that involves putting our employees first before anything else.  By doing this, we achieve one of our most important core values on a daily basis which is respecting and admiring the people that we work with!

It is almost second nature these days to offer constructive criticism and feedback first and leave compliments to the end of the discussion; after all, that is one of the best ways for employees to grow and learn from their mistakes.  At AnswerPlus we believe that by offering positive feedback and re-enforcement from the very beginning, we can build and maintain the confidence and positive attitudes of our employees and it shows in the respect and admiration that our employees have for each other and we are not shy about sharing it!  Here are just a few of the ways we show our respect and appreciation to our employees every single day:

  1.  WE LOOK FOR WHAT OUR EMPLOYEES ARE DOING RIGHT!!! – As part of our ongoing training and coaching, our supervisors and trainers look for moments when our CSRs and dispatchers receive great feedback directly from our clients and callers and make sure to share these with the person who received the compliment.  There is nothing better than receiving acknowledgement of a job well done and knowing that we have gone above and beyond the expectations of the people we speak with everyday.
  2. WE’RE ALWAYS THERE TO HELP EACH OTHER – Every CSR or dispatcher runs into a situation where they need to turn to others for their assistance and expertise to assist a caller or client.  At AnswerPlus we foster an environment where help is as close as asking a fellow CSR or team leader for help or sending a quick chat to the supervisor or trainer on duty.  This is especially important for new team members but we are always quick to assist any member of our staff no matter what the issue is and they in turn pay it forward to someone else in the future.
  3. WE DO ACTUALLY CARE WHERE YOU’VE BEEN BEFORE! – I can distinctly remember a supervisor telling me very early in my time at AnswerPlus, “We don’t want to take anything away from the skills and experience you bring to the table.”  This was so refreshing to hear and it remains a fantastic example of what our leaders do to make our staff feel confident and motivated in the work that we do.  Our team at AnswerPlus is comprised of individuals from many unique backgrounds and we always look for ways to leverage our employees’ strengths and knowledge into providing the best possible experience for our callers and our clients.
  4. RESPECTING AND ADMIRING OTHERS CAN BE HABIT FORMING!!! – It could be a simple as someone saying, “Great closing phrase on your last call!” or “Thanks for being so clear and concise on your call notes!”  Why not set yourself a goal of giving out at least 3 compliments to your co-workers each day and once you start, don’t be surprised if you hit twice your target number before your lunch break!  Positivity creates positivity and showing our appreciation for our fellow staff members is one of the many ways in which we create a fun working environment and maintain our staff morale.

Our team at AnswerPlus includes knowledgeable leaders who oversee our operations department, our dedicated account managers who maintain consistent contact with our clients as well as our IT/Technical support department and our executive team.  At AnswerPlus, the whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts and this is because of the proactive approach all our employees take to ensure that every member of our staff is recognized and commended for their great work and achievements.