Recently two Mixed Martial Arts fighters faced each other in a fight that would garner media attention for all the right reasons!

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Angel Cruz entered the fight after another opponent dropped out last minute, he was desperate to win the fight and take home the $2000 winning bonus in order to feed his family. He went up against John Castaneda in what has been described as “a very tough fight” and lost. Just before the winner was announced John Castaneda whispered into the ear of the head of Combate Americas, to give his winning bonus to Angel.

Neither fighter is financially stable but John knew how important of a win this was for Angel and his family, although his generous and thoughtful gift is being recognized by the public and media he remains modest about his generosity.


I believe that humanity is happiest and healthiest when we are doing for others. In recent history there has been so much focus on negativity, judgment and greed that it is a relief to read a story of someone, despite their own needs, put the needs of someone else first.

AnswerPlus’ guiding principal is to always do the right thing… regardless. We are proud of our agents who encompass this value and without hesitation come to the aid of their fellow co-workers, our customers, and our community. AnswerPlus agents organize events such as bake sales, cook offs, raffles, among other events in order to raise money for community charities, and our AnswerPlus family in times of need. In short our CSR’s give until it hurts and then give some more.

Working in a Call Center environment serves as a constant reminder of the struggles that humanity faces on a regular basis. Be it natural disasters that destroy a home or community, to a truck driver stranded on the side of a remote highway with a blown tire and a deadline, AnswerPlus call center agents are always here ready to help out. Our agents are also compassionate, generous and kind people, with a shared vision of always doing the right thing… regardless!