Athlete pole vaulting over a high bar

At AnswerPlus, our reputation as a leader in our industry is achieved by demonstrating one of our most important core values every day:  setting the bar high!  Our ability to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our callers is a direct result of the sound judgment, empathy and knowledge of our company’s greatest resource:  our employees.  We are proud to have an outstanding team of CSRs, dispatchers and supervisors who are consistently praised by our clients and persons calling their businesses for the high level of customer service we provide to their customers and associates.

Adam Lee has worked with AnswerPlus for the last 5 years and consistently receives excellent feedback and praise from our clients and callers for his exceptional customer service and dispatching skills, all while keeping a smile on his face no matter what the person on the other end is calling about!  Adam is always happy to answer a question or help out his co-workers so we asked him to share a few insights into how he ensures every person he speaks with receives the highest level of customer service possible.

What steps do you take to maintain a consistently pleasant tone and sense of empathy on all the types of calls you are dispatching/answering?

Every call you take is a new call for you and for your caller. First impressions are just as important on our calls as they are in real life. I start every call like it’s the first call of the day.  If your caller is panicked or angry, mirroring their mood will do nothing but make the matter worse.  I validate their situation with an "I understand" and just stay positive and reassuring. 

I always remember to move on from the last call and start your next one with a fresh face.  This is what I refer to as the "goldfish effect":  just like a goldfish swims in a circle and forgets about that treasure chest in the fishbowl, we too must forget any frustrations from previous calls.

What sort of things do you listen for to allow you to go above and beyond the expectations of the person you are speaking with?

If you are on a call and there’s something you can do or offer that would be helpful to the caller, offer it!  If someone calls in on an account where I can extend an offer to them, why not do it?.  This would be something unexpectedly helpful to show that you care for your caller and want to make their lives easier.

What is the most rewarding part of the work you do?

The most rewarding part of helping someone is the moment when you can empathize with them and they feel like you’ve done everything in your capabilities to help them.

By setting our standards high from the very beginning, our team at AnswerPlus goes above and beyond to look for ways to provide every one of our callers with the best possible experience no matter what their call is about.  Thanks to our dedicated employees like Adam, our core values come shining through on every call ensuring an exceptional level of service to our both our callers and our clients.