Celebrating our Montreal Virtual Receptionists with An Appreciation Day!

2008 was an important year for AnswerPlus. After years of planning, we finally opened our Bilingual Call Center in Beautiful Montreal.


As many would know, opening a new location is not an easy task. There are going to be more than a few bumps in the road, it’s simply the nature of the task. Our Montreal office embraced the challenge and now, 8 years later, they are a multi-award winning team-award winning team. So to celebrate their multiple successes, Montreal Operations Manager Nora, and Account Manager Sandra planned an Employee Appreciation Day for their team.

Multiple times I’ve mentioned the importance of demonstrating to your team how much you value their hard work and effort. Having an employee appreciation day not only clearly communicates that you value your employees, but it allows your staff time to relax and enjoy each other’s company away from the phones. And in this case, see their managers away from their desk and either in front of a grill or manning the camera for selfie time.

These events don’t take too much planning. What they require is a sincere desire to do something for your team, and taking the time to enjoy it with them. Let your staff get to know you, and in turn, learn more about your team. 

When is the last time you took the time to say thank you to the wonderful men and woman who make your company a success? When was the last team get together, maybe the Easter potluck, or even Christmas? While holidays are an excellent reason to get the team together, I challenge you to randomly celebrate your employees. Have a BBQ this summer, or host your own employee appreciation day. The opportunities are endless, and I guarantee you they are always worth the effort you put into them.