Businesses have realized that a call center can play an important role in their brand strategy. However, many businesses are unsure about how to implement call center features.

Here are some call center myths and what businesses can really expect from a professional call centre.

Call centers are not just numbers

Metrics are very important but know that the real value lies in the personality of the call center. Call centers are not just about statistics, they are about customers.

Training the traditional way is not enough

Customer interaction should be a reflection of the economic landscape. For example, it is only natural that people will be more careful with their spending during an economic downturn. They will have their finances reserved for companies that will respond to what they want. Companies should devise a way to train their employees to address such needs.

There is a sales opportunity in customer service

In fact, every customer interaction provides a sales opportunity. This opportunity may not arise immediately but it will certainly come somewhere down the road.

What are your options?

If you are looking to add a call center operation, you have two options. You can either outsource your services to a third party or add an in-house department. This decision will finally come down to a control vs. cost issue.