AnswerPlus is proud to be one of the few Hamilton, On, Call Centre’s who do things differently. I’ve said it time and again (and again), we take pride in encouraging our team members to Give Back and we believe that our Virtual Receptionists come first.  

When you take out the stressors that usually come with working in a call centre (Timed calls, quota’s ect.) Something wonderful happens. Everyone relaxes and gets to know each other. And, if you have employee’s like we do, they will become a  family unit.

Recently, one of our team members was dealt a serious blow. Her son was born with a Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) in the form of  Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.

The past six months have seen him endure multiple procedures and major surgeries, thus those born with CHD are called Heart Warriors.

The week of Valentines day is CHD Awareness Week.  To support the many Heart Warriors who will be celebrating Valentines Day from their hospital beds, we held a Pancake Lunch and our team members painted Hearts on their cheeks. All the money raised was donated to our Team Member as she and her family  face the many expenses and stressors that come from their son’s long term stay at Sick Kids in Toronto.

Valentines Day has been given new meaning at AnswerPlus. It will never return to just a simple day of chocolates and cards. It means hope, strength and prayers for all of the Heart Warriors and their family.