Take Your Customer Service to the Next Level!


Have you ever noticed how some people in customer service manage to do all the right things, but still leave you cold?

Case in point… upon entering a restaurant, the waitress picked up 2 menus from the counter, and without a word or a glance, walked briskly across the room where she placed them at a table. My husband gave me a confused look… and I said “I think she wants us to follow her.” She returned in a reasonable length of time to take our orders, brought our meals when they were ready, and checked back with us to ensure everything was OK. She checked off all the boxes for what was expected of her… but she never smiled, and when she spoke, her tone was flat. Just going through the motions doesn’t make for a positive, memorable, experience. We noticed the difference, and so will your customers.

Telephone Tip – Set the tone with a smile

Sometimes I find myself wondering why the person at the other end of the line is so angry. Sound familiar?

A smile CAN be heard over the telephone and so can the lack of one.

  1. Make an effort to smile before you answer the phone
  2. Keep a small mirror at your work station as a reminder to smile
  3. Demonstrate from the first word that you are happy to help