On August 5th the world came together in Rio to participate in the 2016 summer Olympics.  One week later our Canadian woman’s swim team is continuing to make Olympic history!

Lead by 16 year old Penny Oleksiak, the Canadian swim team keeps making Summer Olympic history!

Canada is closing out the week with 7 medals and 5 of those medals belong to the Woman’s swim team.  If there is any question if preparation, hard work, dedication and team work is a recipe for success look no further than our woman’s swim team!  Penny is currently the youngest gold medalist in Canadian Summer Olympic history, she is the first Canadian athlete to get 4 medals in a single summer Olympics.  Truly Canadian, Penny showed incredible sportsmanship when she gladly shared the spotlight and Gold Medal podium with another Olympic history first, Simone Manuel from the USA, the first African-American woman to win a gold medal in this event!


 On Monday when I sat down at my desk in our call center and wrote how inspired I was by the Olympians, I was reminded to prepare, give 100% and face adversity with grace.  Our customer service team experienced challenges throughout the week, as expected our award winning customer service team handled each challenge with grace, knowledge and the dedication to excellence that our AnswerPlus team is known for.  

As the week draws to a close, I reflect on all of the achievements our contact center has made this week, the thousands of people we have helped, the kind voice on the line in someone’s time of need and the smile that callers will hear when they get one of our virtual receptionists over the coming weekend, so our clients relax after an inspired and successful week at the office.  

Have a safe and restful weekend with the knowledge that our team has you covered!